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BELOTSERKULIT LLC was founded in 2016 and is focused on the serial production of cast iron dishes of the trade mark BRIZOLL. The main and auxiliary factories of the plant are located on the territory of a total area of ​​0.7 hectares. The production of cast-iron dishes is carried out by a special technology of casting into metal molds (chill molds). The original design and perfect proportions of the geometric parameters produced by the dishes, allowed in a relatively short time to take places on the shelves of large supermarkets. At the moment, cast-iron dishes of BRIZOLL trade mark are produced in the CLASSIC, OPTIMA, HORECA, MONOLIT series, and found its customers in the Republics of Moldova and Belarus, and are also increasingly popular with Consumers in Ukraine.    The basis of the enterprise development strategy is the constant expansion of the assortment of products, which is determined taking into account the opinion of direct consumers of the TM "BRIZOLL" and analysis of the results of marketing research. Particular attention is paid to ensuring the minimum time for the production of new models of cast-iron dishes, which is ensured by the use of modern HaaS metalworking equipment for the production of chill and other equipment.    The quality of the finished products at the enterprise is provided by the current system of operational quality control at each of the production facilities.